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About Green Dragon PC

I've been working on and with computers since I was 13 on my father's old 286 boat-anchor...aaack, those were the days.  He didn't mind me cleaning up the files way back then, until that fateful day when I deleted his autoexec.bat file (you know, the one that tells the pc which programs to load after it goes through the P.O.S.T. process).  It took me 2 weeks to restore that file for him.  I'm lucky he didn't ground me.  That could have been the end of my future career!

As a ruthless teenager, I used to get kicked out of the local mall's Radio Shack stores when I'd reboot all their Tandy 486's by pushing Ctrl-Alt-Del.  The mangangers were very upset with me.  (That was probably the most deviant thing I've ever done, computer-wise).  I've been a geek ever since.

I've got many years experience learning these sophisticated buckets of bolts.  As I grew, so did the home PC.  When I got out on my own, I couldn't quite afford my own computer, so I found a friend who knew about them and we built my first one, a Cyrix MII300 with a whoping 96MB RAM and a 1.06 WD Hard drive.  Not bad for a budget pc, back then.  As I wanted to upgrade, I'd start replacing the cards and modules and learned to love doing it.  I've helped many many friends and family members with geek help, questions, upgrades, and repairs.  

In 1997, I was in the Air Force and stuck in Saudi Arabia for a few months.  On some of those slower nights in the desert, I found some online HTML tutorials, read through them and starting coding in Notepad.  It wasn't until years later that I actually published anything online, but I had great practice on my local PC.  Sometimes I'd build entire sites, store it on a floppy and carry it around with me incase I needed some of the information.  

I taught myself web design in 1997 and started building my first web site for my father, in 2001.  From there, I branched off and starting working several other client's websites.  I enjoy the work and enjoy helping people, from small personal websites to professional business needs.

My wife and children also share in the growth of our business.  In particular, my oldest son loves web design but specializes in digital graphic art, while my wife is an artist and digital photographer.

Today, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.  I recently quit my job of 11 years with AT&T to open Green Dragon PC, LLC.  Although I grew a hefty & loyal customer-base for years prior, I opened up our "brick & mortar" storefront in Sherwood, AR in 2010, moved to N. Little Rock on Main Street in 2012, and have never been happier about my career path.  With this kind of passion for computers, you'll see a difference!

Troy Pousardien
CEO, Owner, Lead Teach